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     Incredible customer service - they managed to squeeze me in with no prior warning whatsoever. He was civil and courteous. The results of his hard work are exemplary - top-notch quality!
Stan E.03/11/2023
     Exemplary job done on my home's upholstery with the help of CarpetCleaningStPancras. Always had a positive experience in every single instance - will always be recommending them for sure!
Alicia Smith23/02/2023
     I am very happy with the cleaning services I received from the wonderful cleaning crew of Carpet Cleaner St Pancras. They did an incredible job. My flat looks fantastic.
Morgan Whitby21/05/2020
      Carpet Cleaner St Pancras is terrific in everything they do. So proud of this cleaning company.
      CarpetCleaningStPancras are a very helpful and efficient cleaning service, and they are so friendly when you talk to.
Tanya Yipson30/03/2018
     We needed carpet cleaning services after having a hard time with one of our pets staining the carpet. St Pancras Carpet Cleaners offered friendly and professional service that addressed all our needs. They were the most cost-effective solution.
H. Sims28/06/2017
      CarpetCleaningStPancras feel like part of my home I use them so much. Great home cleaners.
     My takeaway company runs very long hours and our kitchen is mostly open the whole time. StPancrasCarpetCleaners take care of all my cleaning requirements and always at a time that suits my business. Their prices are great too - unbeatable in fact. I definitely recommend them very highly.
S. Sharon 14/07/2015
     I can't thank StPancrasCarpetCleaners enough for the clean up job they did last week in my home and garage! After throwing a house party for friends and family my wife and I were at a loss of where to begin tidying up once our guests had all gone home. Having the professional cleaners arrive on our doorstep first thing the morning after really saved our bacon! We were able to just get the children ready for school and get into work on time. When we got home at the end of the day, the house was immaculate! A job well done!
Tim R.15/01/2015
     Our office used to be a bit of a state to be honest. We are only a small company but all our employees are rushed off their feet during work hours so it was really hard to keep the place clean. We quickly realised we needed a professional office cleaning service and so we contacted StPancrasCarpetCleaners and got a great quote from them. We did not know if the work would match the quote but it turned out to be absolutely brilliant. The place looks great every day now and we the staff do not have to worry about it. An ideal situation!
Alex B.09/10/2014
     When I spilt red wine all over my sofa last weekend at a party, I was very worried I wouldn't be able to get it out, and I would have to live forever with a wine coloured stain on the seat of my couch. Fortunately, after a little research, I called up StPancrasCarpetCleaners and arranged an appointment with them the next day. I can't get over how clean my sofas look now, not a hint of wine stain at all. They look just like new!! Amazing!
Charlie R.04/09/2014
     Although only my girlfriend and myself live in our apartment it does get a little messy at times, usually that is due to us both rushing around and not having much time to take care of our home, because of working commitments! It made sense for us to hire some help, we don't have much free time and our place was suffering the consequences unfortunately. We hired StPancrasCarpetCleaners for a trial and straight away we knew we would hire them again, they now visit us fortnightly and our home looks fabulous to say the least, a big thumbs up from us!
Ollie J.08/05/2014